• Switching angle: 25°
  • For lightly agitated liquids
  • Polypropylene casing
  • EPDM cable
  • Power supply: 12 ... 250 V
  • Switching power: 16(6)A
  • Stainless steel ballast - 230 gr
  • Dimensions: 170 mm - Ø 80 mm
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This ACS certified float level switch is constructed with special components for use in drinking water applications.

As the liquid level reaches the unit, the mechanical switch inside will tilt, thus closing or opening a circuit connected to an electrical panel This float level switches is equipped with a stainless steel (AISI 316L) adjustable ballast, and ensures a very precise level measurement thanks to its +-/ 25º switching angle.

The SOBA EP can also be used in high or low alarm (overfill protection or protection against idling). However, when the liquid is agitated by the presence of an agitator or in a water tower, you have to take a float with a wide angle like the ATS 165 EP

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