Rotonivo® - RN 3001 Rotary Paddle Level Switch

Rotonivo® - RN 3001 Rotary Paddle Level Switch

  • Simple, reliable and maintenance-free all-rounder in bulk materials
  • Can be configured for almost any application
  • Plug and play level limit switch without calibration
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The Rotonivo® RN 3001 is a state-of-the-art rotating paddle switch, designed for precise level detection in storage and process vessels containing bulk solids. Engineered to excel in challenging environments, the RN 3001 ensures accurate full, demand, and empty measurements unaffected by dust or material buildup. Its robust design allows it to operate efficiently in process temperatures reaching up to +1100°C and withstand process overpressures up to 10 bar. 

Perfectly suited for a wide range of industries, including food processing and pharmaceuticals, the RN 3001 adheres to EHEDG guidelines, guaranteeing compliance with stringent hygiene standards. The versatile configuration options make it ideal for various bulk solid applications, from fine powders to coarse grains. 

The RN 3001’s innovative design and reliable performance provide an unmatched level of confidence in bulk material management. Whether dealing with demanding process conditions or ensuring the highest level of cleanliness, the Rotonivo® RN 3001 is the ultimate choice for accurate and reliable level detection in any bulk solid processing environment.

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