OBS-LE Digital Pressure Transmitter
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OBS-LE Digital Pressure Transmitter

  • All Plastic, Gauge & Isolator
  • Pressure Gauge, Switch, Transmitter & Isolator
  • Reduces Pressure Pulsations
  • High Accuracy, ±1.0%
  • Visual Notification of Relay Outputs
  • One-Piece Moulded Design, No Filling
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The OBS-LE Series Pressure Transmitters are unique and industry leading in pressure measurement in corrosive environments. OBS-LE Pressure Transmitters are a one-piece design and come factory pre-filled, resulting in an industry leading accuracy of 1.0%, eliminating the need for filling saves the user time and difficulty filling a gauge isolator.

The bright LED will change from green to red in any upset condition. The OBS-LE has a 4-20mA output + 2 Relays (NPN or PNP). The OBS-LE Series is available in PVC, PP & PVDF, all equipped with a Teflon® Diaphragm, making the entire unit completely corrosion resistant and the perfect pressure gauge for chemical applications.

Engineering the entire body in plastic housing rather than just the gauge guard allows users to be confident that the complete unit will stand up even in the most corrosive environments.

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