OBS-DGO Double Sided Pressure Gauge - PVL
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OBS-2GO Pressure Gauge

  • Double sided
  • Industry’s most accurate pressure gaugen on the market
  • Engineered to last in the most corrosive environments
  • ¼” NPT 316SS connection comes standard
  • Industry leading accuracy of 0.75%
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The OBS-DGO Series Pressure Gauge is double-sided and the industry’s most accurate pressure gauge on the market. With a Thermoplastic Polypropylene enclosure, OBS-DGO Series gauges were engineered to last in the most corrosive environments.

A ¼” NPT 316SS connection comes standard on all OBS-DGO Pressure Gauges. This connection allows for them to be a perfect mate with our GI Series Gauge Guards when dealing with extremely corrosive chemicals. Gauge guards are utilized to protect the pressure gauge from any corrosive media in the process system via an isolator.

OBS-DGO Pressure Gauges come factory pre-filled, which is one of the main reasons we were able to achieve that industry leading accuracy of 0.75%. Each OBS-DGO Pressure Gauge is also equipped with Color Range Tabs. These 3 movable red, yellow and green range tabs are designed to act as a visual pressure alert for bag or filter change-outs.


Double Sided
2 1/2″ Display
Extra Large Colored Display
Accuracy 0.75%
No Filling Required
Visual Pressure Range Tabs Red | Yellow | Green


Chemicals | Acids | Bases
Process Pressure
Strainer Clean-Out Notification
Filter Bag Replacement Notification
Pressure Leak Detection

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