NivoBob® - NB 4200  Electromechanical lot system

NivoBob® - NB 4200 Electromechanical lot system

  • Durable, simple and reliable measuring principle up to 30 m measuring range
  • Integrated belt cleaner for applications in dusty and sticking bulk materials    
  • Very cost-effective level sensor in bulk solids
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Introducing the NivoBob® NB 4200 Electromechanical Plumb Bob Sensor, the ultimate solution for continuous level measurement in bulk storage silos. Engineered for reliability and precision, the NB 4200 is a versatile and robust choice, ideally suited for a wide range of applications involving bulk solids. 

The NB 4200 excels in environments where other sensors may struggle, especially in dusty, sticky conditions or involving materials with low dielectric constants (DK). Its electromechanical measuring method ensures consistent and accurate readings, making it an indispensable tool for maintaining optimal storage conditions.

Designed for easy installation and minimal maintenance, the NivoBob® NB 4200 integrates seamlessly into existing systems, providing real-time data to help you manage inventory and avoid overfills or shortages. Whether you're dealing with grains, minerals, or other bulk materials, the NB 4200's performance remains unaffected by challenging environmental factors, ensuring uninterrupted operation and peace of mind.

Choose the NivoBob® NB 4200 for its proven track record in the field, backed by extensive practical use and approval across diverse industries. Enhance your storage efficiency and operational safety with this reliable all-rounder, tailored to meet the demanding needs of modern bulk material management.

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