Capanivo® - CN 4020 Capacitive sensor

Capanivo® - CN 4020 Capacitive sensor

  • Very cost-effective level limit switch in bulk solids
  • Simple, reliable and maintenance-free multi-talent in bulk solids
  • Plug and play level limit switch without calibration
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Introducing the Capanivo® CN 4020, a high-precision capacitive point level sensor designed to deliver reliable performance in various storage and process vessels. Ideal for use as a full, demand, or empty detector, this versatile sensor is compatible with all bulk solids with a dielectric constant (DK) value of 1.6 and above. 

Made with a probe made from glass fibre reinforced PPS plastic, the CN 4020 ensures durability and compliance with FDA standards, making it suitable for food industry applications. One of its standout features is the "Active Shield" technology, which effectively neutralises the impact of any buildup on the sensor, ensuring consistently accurate measurement results regardless of environmental conditions.

Whether managing grains, powders, or other bulk materials, the Capanivo® CN 4020 provides dependable detection and monitoring. Its robust design and advanced technology make it an essential tool for maintaining efficient and safe operations in various industrial settings. Choose the CN 4020 for a sensor that combines reliability, precision, and compliance, setting a new standard in capacitive point level sensing.

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