Capanivo® - CN 7100  Capacitive sensor

Capanivo® - CN 7100 Capacitive sensor

  • Simple commissioning without adjustment to the medium
  • "Tip Sensitivity" allows measurement from the outside as well as use in both metallic and non-metallic containers
  • Reliable measurement results even with strongly adhering material
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The Capanivo® CN 7100 Capacitive Sensor is a cutting-edge level detection solution designed for versatility and reliability. Perfectly suited for use as a full/demand or empty detector and for leakage detection, this sensor excels in monitoring any type of liquid. Its compact design makes it ideal for integration into small containers or tubes, ensuring seamless incorporation into various systems. 

Constructed from durable, resistant materials, the CN 7100 guarantees accurate performance even in aggressive media, offering longevity and dependability in harsh environments. One of its standout features is the ability to measure from outside containers, eliminating the need for direct contact with the liquid. This non-invasive approach simplifies installation and reduces wear and tear on the sensor, extending its operational life.

Whether in industrial processes, chemical handling, or fluid management systems, the Capanivo® CN 7100 consistently delivers precise and reliable liquid level detection. Its innovative design and robust construction ensure it can meet the demands of various applications, making it an essential tool for efficient and safe liquid monitoring. Choose the CN 7100 for a high-performance, versatile, and durable capacitive sensor solution.

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