Low Torque Flange Gaskets

Low Torque Flange Gaskets

  • Series: GA
  • Sizes: EPDM: 1/2″ to 12″
  • PTFE: 1/2″ to 12″
  • Class: ANSI 150 Full Face
  • Temperature: EPDM: –40 to 90ºC (–40 to 194ºF) PTFE: –40 to 120ºC (–40 to 248ºF)
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Chemline GA Series Low Torque Gaskets are recommended for all plastic piping systems to prevent initial flange leakage due to bolt over tightening. They are especially recommended for all Chemline solid plastic flanged body valves. The unique double convex ring design provides optimum sealing with a fraction of the bolt torque required for flat face gaskets. The PTFE gaskets have 0.4 mm sheet material bonded to EPDM. This increases elasticity, lowering bolt torques required to seal.

✓ Raised Face Design

✓ Low Bolt Torques to Seal Due to the moulded raised face – patented double convex ring design

✓ Ideal for Plastic Flanges also metal or plastic lined metal pipe systems for up to 250 psi

✓ High Chemical Resistance PTFE-bonded gaskets are suitable for extremely aggressive chemical services

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