LD Leak Detection Sensor
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LD Leak Detection Sensor

  • PP Body – PVC Cable    
  • NPN, PNP Relay Output    
  • NEMA 4X    
  • Adjustable Sensitivity Setting
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Introducing the LD Leak Detection Sensor, engineered to offer unparalleled reliability in detecting leaks in environments with aggressive and electrically conductive corrosive chemicals.

Made with precision, this detector boasts a capacitive fail-safe operation, ensuring the utmost safety in chemical-sensitive areas. With its compact design and PVC PP RoHS compliance, it fits seamlessly into various settings, from containment dikes to computer rooms.

The LD-01N model comes equipped with a 2m cable for flexible installation and features adjustable sensitivity settings, LED power, and upset indication for enhanced monitoring.

With outputs switchable between NPN and PNP, this detector ensures compatibility and ease of integration, while its corrosion-resistant build guarantees long-lasting performance. Trust the LD Series Leak Detector for robust leak detection solutions in critical environments.

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