IMM Modular Electromagnetic Level Sensor

  • Use Mineral oils: Fuels
  • Type of contact: Reed SPST/SPDT
  • Max switch. capacity: 80 W (50W SPDT)
  • Max switch. current: 1 A
  • Max switch. voltage: 250 Vac (220 Vac SPDT)
  • Fluid specific weight: > 0,85 with L max
  • Working temperature: -15°C/+100°C
  • Weight ~ gr 145
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IMM Modular Electromagnetic Level Sensor is perfect for measuring levels of liquid or granulated material. It features a flange or BSP connection in one unit, and an external magnet, making it suitable for ferrous particles. The SPST or SPDT Reed Switch 220VAC / 1A ensures accurate measurements every time, even in high temperatures.

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