Digiflow FlowX3 Flow Meters

Digiflow FlowX3 Flow Meters

  • Sensors: Paddle Wheel; Submersible, Mini, High Pressure, Electromagnetic, Hot-Tap, Low Flow, No-Flow Switches, Transmitters. Oval Gear; and Electro-Magentic: Hot-Tap, Transmitters
  • Monitors: Powered Batch, Powered Flow and Battery Flow
  • Installation Fittings: Tees, Saddles, Weld-on Adapters
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The Digiflow® FlowX3 line includes a complete range of paddle wheel flow sensors, instruments and sensor installation fittings. Also included are insertion type electromagnetic flow transmitters. FlowX3 products provide high quality and state-of-the-art technology. All products are manufactured under ISO 9001:2000 and conform to the highest CE standards.

✓ High Accuracy

✓ Excellent Low Flow Measurement

✓ Large Flow Velocity Range

✓ Easily Installed into all Types of Piping Sensor installation fittings are available in a large selection of types, materials and pipe sizes

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