87-ul-qr  fire pump relief valve-ul listed

87-UL-QR  Fire Pump Relief Valve-UL Listed

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UL Listed Armaş “87-UL-QR” model Fire Pump Relief Valve is the safety control valve designed to protect system by releasing pressure surges to atmosphere quickly caused from sudden changes in water speed because fire pumps put into/out of service frequently in water network elevation lines. When network pressure goes beyond set point, valve opens by itself quickly and protects system by releasing over pressure. When line pressure decreases to normal level, it is closed slowly and automatically as wholly sealed without causing surge. 

Quick Pressure control valve is mounted on network in TE configuration.
Since valve's function is to release pressure, valve diameter may be selected as equal to or in closest smaller size than main pipe diameter. Valve diameter should be selected as smaller than main pipe diameter. Following empirical formula may be used in determining diameter of quick pressure relief control valve. Where;

D = Diameter of quick pressure relief control valve (mm)
Q = System Flow Rate (m3/h)
Hm = System Operating Pressure (meter 1 bar ≈ 10 mteer)
Valve closing time is proportional with pipe length. As system pipe length increases, valve closing time should be increased.

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