700 series  dpc pump (deep well) control valve

700 Series  DPC Pump (Deep Well) Control Valve

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Armaş “DPC” model deep-well pump control valve is a relief control valve designed for putting deep-well type pumps into/out of service automatically. Valve is connected on main line with a “TE” piece. Valve is in open position before pump operates. When pump starts up, valve is closed by itself slowly without causing surge and increases system pressure gradually. Before pump stops, valve opens by itself slowly and automatically and decreases system pressure gradually.

Deep-well Pump control valve is mounted on network in TE configuration since it is a electric activated release valve.
Since valve's function is to release, valve diameter may be selected as equal to or in closest smaller size than main pipe diameter. Valve diameter should be selected as smaller than main pipe diameter. Following empirical formula may be used in determining diameter of deep-well pump control valve. Where;

D = Diameter of deep-well pump control valve (mm)
Q = System Flow Rate (m3/h)
Hm = System Operating Pressure (meter 1 bar ≈ 10 meter)

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