67de-el electric activated deluge valve

67DE-EL Electric Activated Deluge Valve

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Armaş “67DE-EL” series electrically activated deluge valves which are used for fire protection lines, open with an electric signal from a controller or a control board. Electrically activated deluge valves are used in fire protection lines with gas / smoke detectors and open nozzles / sprinklers. A 3 way solenoid valve on the deluge valve activates a relay pilot valve on the deluge valve. The relay pilot valve opens the deluge valve quickly and then the deluge valve lets water or foam concentration which is ready, flow to open nozzles / sprinklers. When the electric signal end, the deluge valve close tightly.

 Water / Foam Concentration Fire Protection Systems 
 Open Nozzle / Sprinklers Applications 
 Chemical Facilities 
 Flamble Materials Storages 
 Petroleum / Gas Facilities

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