1000-bp series  gravel (media) filter w/bypass

1000-BP Series  Gravel (Media) Filter w/ByPass

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Filtration rates of gravel filters designed to be used in filtration of river, lake, pool water and water resources containing organic materials such as lichen and alga is over 15 m/h implicating that they are rapid filters. The outstanding advantage of the gravel filters against other types of filters is about maximum filtration efficiency due to deep filtration. Armaş 1000 series Gravel filters are designed to provide ease of use, maximum filtration efficiency and less maintenance due to simple structure and thus, they are offered to the users. Armaş 1000 series Gravel filters are manufactured to contain at least two containers. Upper container located within filter vessel is the container of media ensuring the filtration process. In the media container, various materials including but not limited to sand-gravel, quartz sand, Anthracyte coal, grinded basalt, silica sand are placed in a particular order based on the filtration degree. Lower container is the clean water tank obtained from filtering process. A rubber diffuser plate separating said two containers is present within the filter. Corks assembled on the plate ensure uniform pressure during back flushing procedure of the media filter and thus, they are designed to provide an efficient back flushing process. Armaş 1000 series Gravel Filters are projected to operate single or modular and manual or fully automatic back flushing procedure based on the water flow rate to be filtered within scope of the field of use. In order to increase filtration efficiency of gravel filters, it is recommended that modular filter system is selected from a model operating automatic back flushing procedure.

Armaş 1000 series Gravel Filters operates in two different modes including filtration process and back flushing process. Armaş media filters are back flushing control gates assembled on the filters to be operated in filtration or back flushing procedures.

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