Mononivo® - MN 4020 Vibration level switch

Mononivo® - MN 4020 Vibration level switch

  • Maintenance-free sensor for use in many bulk materials.
  • Particularly suitable for very light bulk solids
  • Extension completely made of stainless steel
  • Plug and play level limit switch without calibration
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The Mononivo® MN 4020 Vibration Level Switch is a versatile and reliable solution for monitoring bulk solids in storage and process vessels. This advanced device excels as a full, demand, and empty detector, ensuring precise level measurement in various applications. Its robust design features a stainless steel probe extension, making it exceptionally durable and capable of withstanding aggressive environmental conditions.

Engineered for high sensitivity, the Mononivo® MN 4020 is particularly effective in detecting very light bulk solids, providing accurate and consistent performance where other sensors may fail. The vibration rod technology ensures minimal maintenance and long-term reliability, even in the most demanding industrial settings. Its straightforward installation and integration into existing systems make it a cost-effective choice for enhancing process efficiency and safety.

Ideal for use in various industries such as food processing, pharmaceuticals, and chemicals, the Mononivo® MN 4020 delivers outstanding performance in detecting bulk solid levels. Whether you need to monitor materials in silos, hoppers, or other containment vessels, this vibration level switch offers unparalleled accuracy and dependability, ensuring your processes run smoothly and efficiently. Choose the Mononivo® MN 4020 for a robust, high-performance level detection solution.

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