Temperature Transmitter / Switch with LCD OMNI-T

Temperature Transmitter / Switch with LCD OMNI-T

  • Measuring ranges from 0..200°C
  • Analog output 4..20 mA or 0..10 V
  • 2 limit value switches
  • Probe stainless steel 1.457
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The primary sensor consists of a platinum resistance sensor using thin film technology, which provides a very good response time, thanks to the lance diameter of 4 mm.

With these sensors, switching points can be set on the spot for where process values are exceeded or fallen short of. This setting can be carried out via the display, even without the process. The present values, or error messages from the measuring point, are visible at all times, and all important parameters can be displayed locally (this saves time during installation, commissioning, and troubleshooting during the process). The analog current signal can be evaluated from large distances, and the present values can be made available there. The sensor is configured to your requirements. It is therefore ready for immediate use, without programming. If you wish to change parameters, you can set the device directly at the sensor, by means of the programming ring.

The entire family of OMNI sensors is made up in a modular way, by means of a building-block system (hardware and software). A 16-bit microcontroller with a 12-bit A/D converter and a 12-bit D/A converter ensures the necessary processing speed and accuracy. The signal is displayed with the unit of measure by a backlit LCD graphical display, and is converted into a 0/4..20 mA signal. Two switching points with push-pull output can be programmed across the whole range. The hysteresis of the switching points can be set separately in value and direction (min., max. switching value). Exceeding or falling short of switching points, and error messages, are indicated by a flashing red LED visible from a long distance, together with a message in the display.

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