OMNIPLUS-F: Fast, reliable and versatile in use

OMNIPLUS-F: Fast, reliable and versatile in use

by Pressure Vacuum Level Limited on November 01, 2021 Categories: Product News

The allrounder with a bonus. Flow sensor, volume meter and thermometer in a single measuring device. The measuring principle, which involves no moving parts and is thus practically wear-free, offers the ability to record media temperature in addition to flow measurement.

The special arrangement of sensors developed by Honsberg in combination with optimised software algorithms makes the OMNIPLUS-F one of the fastest calorimetric flow sensors on the market.

The OMNIPLUS-F also offers a volume meter that counts the volumetric flow. All measurement variables are shown on a large and clear display and can be flexibly assigned to the analogue and digital outputs. The settings required for this purpose can be made directly on the device, comfortably and intuitively with the unique multifunction ring.

The integrated IO-Link interface enables the digital transfer of all measurements and other sensor data and the complete parameterisation of the sensor. An overview of the characteristics

Three measurement variables in a single device

Cost reduction through only one sensor for three measured quantities.

Reliability with the wear-free measuring principle

The low-maintenance system reduces downtime to a minimum.

Quick measurement with a special sensor arrangement and software

The inherently increased sensitivity in the lower part of the measuring range is ideally suited for minimum quantity monitoring.

IO-Link and reduced wiring costs

Fit for the digital future.

Easy-to-read display

Can be used by lighting in low-light environments

Multifunction ring for comfortable parameterisation

Intuitive operation thanks to plain text messages

Analogue and digital outputs, configurable for every application purpose 100% connection compatible with existing OMNI devices

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