BRAND-NEW “TORRIX XTS” – The All-Rounder in level measurement!

BRAND-NEW “TORRIX XTS” – The All-Rounder in level measurement!

by Pressure Vacuum Level Limited on November 01, 2021 Categories: Product News

We are pleased to announce the TORRIX XTS fill level sensor from FAFNIR, market leading specialists in the development and manufacturing of sensors and systems for monitoring and measuring fill levels. The TORRIX XTS is maintenance free and does not require recalibration, minimising cost of ownership.

The TORRIX XTS is an all-rounder for level measurement and in addition to pure level measurement of the product and/or interface layer, the sensor also offers the options of temperature and density measurement. Users can set an integrated LCD display to show their desired parameters.

Different versions of the probe tube offer a wide range of application possibilities. The TORRIX XTS can be used with a standard 12mm tube, a bypass version and a flexible probe with a maximum length of 22m.

Other key features include a stainless-steel sensor head housing offering protection to IP68, safety glass display cover, operating temperature -20 to + 85 °C; - 55 to + 85 °C with heating. Probe tube material stainless steel with lengths available from 600mm up to 22,000mm. Accuracy Level up to ±0.3 mm or ±0.01 %, resolution (HART®) 0.1 mm. Electrical connection via cable gland or conduit and operating voltage Ex ia 12 to 30 VDC; Ex d 12 to 50 VDC. Output signal 4 to 20 mA (2 wire)/HART®-protocol; RS-485 (4 wire)/Modbus or FAFNIR Universal Device Protocol. Process conditions temperature up to + 450 °Cm, pressure -1 bar to +120 bar. Approved to Ex-Zone 0 (ATEX, IECEx), the most hazardous workplace type where gases, vapours and mists are present.

Steve Moorey, MD of PVL, says, “The new TORRIX XTS is a flexible and highly accurate level measurement probe with an integrated LCD display for on-spot data interpretation by users. As an all in one it offers our customers the capability of continuously measuring the product level, interphase, density and temperature, and volume calculation is also possible.”

Please note that the TORRIX XTS is not yet available for ordering and the final version will be released soon.

If you have any question about this product or any of our other products our dedicated customer support team and product specialists are waiting to take your enquiries.