SCD 4.0 - Sensor Configurator Device

SCD 4.0 - Sensor Configurator Device

by Pressure Vacuum Level Limited on November 01, 2021 Categories: Product News

SCD 4.0 interface (Sensor Configurator Device) which allows the user to directly program four types of sensors. In addition to the analogue 4-20 mA output, 2 digital signals can be set for setting the pressure, temperature and level thresholds.

The programming unit is used to read and change the sensor configuration: - ESL level sensor - EST / EST2 temperature sensor - Electronic differential pressure transmitter models 980 (4-20 mA output) and 983 (light signal).

  • No need for additional 24V power supply (USB cable only) • LED light for displaying the status of digital outputs
  • SCD.EXE free interface software (for Windows®, downloadable from the reserved area of website): - selection and setting of digital outputs - ON/OFF, hysteresis and delay time - management of the 4-20 mA analogue output curve - inhibition temperature setting - process parameter and analogue output monitoring - “recipe” processing for quick duplication of settings
  • Operating temperature (-5°C to +45°C) • Storage temperature (-25°C to +50°C)
  • Protection degree IP20
  • Kit weight 270 g
  • Dimensions of ABS crate 112x62x32mm WxHxD
  • Accessories included: 3 connecting cables USB-A/USB-B-D SUB 9 / M12x1, 5 pins (for models. ESL, EST and 980) - M12/M12 adapter for model 983

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