TDHTT Industrial Temperature Transducer

TDHTT Industrial Temperature Transducer

  • Low Cost
  • Wide Temperature
  • Measurement Range
  • Industry Standard Analog Outputs
  • 316 Stainless Steel Wetted Parts
  • Excellent Long Term Stability
  • OEM Tested and Approved
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Introducing the TDHTT Temperature Transducer, a reliable solution engineered to deliver precise temperature measurements at an affordable price point. Made with cutting-edge thermistor-based sensing technology, this transducer ensures accuracy and consistency in temperature monitoring across diverse environments.

With its industry-standard voltage or current outputs, the TDHTT offers seamless integration into existing systems, making it an ideal choice for various industrial applications. Whether it's monitoring temperatures in manufacturing processes, HVAC systems, or laboratory settings, this transducer provides reliable data to meet your needs.

Featuring a wide temperature measurement range and 316 stainless steel wetted parts, the TDHTT is built to withstand harsh conditions and deliver long-lasting performance. Its robust construction ensures durability and resilience, even in demanding operating environments.

Designed for ease of use, the TDHTT can effortlessly communicate accurate temperature readings to panel mount displays, PLCs, or data acquisition systems, streamlining your monitoring processes and enhancing operational efficiency.


  • Hydraulic / Mobile Hydraulic
  • Automated Systems
  • Energy and Water Management
  • Anywhere Accurate Temperature Measurement of Fluids is Required

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