Silicone LP

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WEICON Silicone LP is an acetoxy curing and permanently elastic adhesive and sealant. It is resistant to chemicals, ageing, weathering and UV radiation and it has a high temperature resistance up to +180°C (+365°F). It adheres very well to steel, aluminium, glass, plastics and many other materials.

Silicone LP was developed specially for use in sensitive areas. It can be used as sealant in the food and drinking water sector, for example in dairies, slaughterhouses, in the food and beverage production or in canteen kitchens.

Tested by the Ruhr Region Institute of Hygiene ("Hygiene-Institut des uhrgebiets”) according to the Guideline for Hygienic Assessment of Organic Materials in Contact with Drinking Water (KTW Guideline) by the Federal Environment Agency.

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