Fluke Ti300+ Thermal Camera
Fluke Ti300+ Thermal Camera
Fluke Ti300+ Thermal Camera
Fluke Ti300+ Thermal Camera

Fluke Ti300+ Thermal Camera

  • 320 x 240 resolution
  • 2 meter drop test
  • LaserSharp™ Auto Focus
  • Manual or automatic focus
  • Measure up to 650 °C
  • Subject to Export Control

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Leading industrial maintenance demands communication, industry expertise, and technical prowess. Implementing standard work and preventive maintenance fosters plant efficiency and safety.

The Fluke Ti300+ enhances these efforts by detecting issues preemptively. Its high resolution and precision unveil temperature disparities and evolving heat patterns with clarity.

Equipped with LaserSharp™ AutoFocus, it ensures consistently sharp images. The built-in laser distance meter swiftly calculates target distance, enabling precise focus at the touch of a button.

This accuracy is vital for dependable temperature readings, promoting safer operational distances. Understanding equipment nuances is crucial for effective thermal imaging.

The Ti300+ simplifies this with its user-friendly design. Engineered for durability, it withstands drops of up to two meters, ensuring reliable performance in demanding environments. Elevate your maintenance strategy with the Fluke Ti300+, empowering your team to effortlessly capture clear, accurate thermal images.

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