ATS-C08A/B – Adjustable Thermostat Temperature Switch
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ATS-C08A/B – Adjustable Thermostat Temperature Switch

  • Stainless steel sensing element membrane.
  • Copper bulb and capillary.
  • PN 10 Copper pocket with G ½ " connection.
  • Base, cover and knob are in V0 self-extinguishing, antishock thermoplastic material.
  • PVC grommet for cable entry.
  • G ½ “ cable gland available on request 
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The ATS-C08A/B is designed for seamless integration in various heating systems. It offers precise temperature control for boilers, heating installations, circulators, burners, air handling units (AHU), and more. This versatile thermostat is ideal for direct piping installations and comes with a standard immersion pocket for efficient temperature sensing. 

Featuring a liquid expansion sensing element, the ATS-C08A/B ensures accurate temperature readings and reliable performance. The thermostat is easy to install with its included threaded G 1/2" copper pocket, facilitating straightforward integration into existing systems. 

The ATS-C08A/B Adjustable Thermostat Temperature Switch is a robust and reliable solution for maintaining optimal temperatures in various heating applications. Its durable construction and easy installation make it essential for efficient and safe temperature control.

Certifications and standards:

Compliance: Meets CEI EN 60947-5-1 standards for reliable operation.

Approvals: VDE homologation and I.S.P.E.S.L. homologation for C03A models, guaranteeing adherence to stringent safety and performance standards. 

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