500 series  -el-solenoid controlled valve

500 Series  -EL-Solenoid Controlled Valve

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Armaş “EL” model valve is the hydraulic control valve operated by line pressure and designed to ensure opening/closing process by means of built in 3-way solenoid pilot valve controlled remotely with electric signal. Electric signal for solenoid pilot valve is ensured by means of a control device, time relay, main switch and PLC control units etc. Opening/Closing process may be realized easily thanks to manual control on solenoid pilot valve. Depending on requirements. 24V AC 50Hz/60Hz or 12V DC, 9V Latch and 12V DC Latch normally open (N.O.) or normally closed (N.C.) solenoids coils may be used on main valve.


A-3- way Selector Valve
B-In-line Finger Filter
D-Solenoid Pilot Valve

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