500 series  prps-pressure reducing and sustaining valve

500 Series  PRPS-Pressure Reducing and Sustaining Valve

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Armaş “PRPS” model pressure reducing/sustaining hydraulic control valve reduces valve downstream pressure to desired value by sustaining upstream pressure. Two pilot valves exist on valve. Pilot valve on upstream side is the pressure sustaining pilot valve and sustains upstream pressure. Other pilot valve is pressure reducing pilot valve and keeps downstream pressure constant by reducing it to desired value. Reducing/sustaining control valve pumps fluid downwards; it ensures that system works within normal values by regulating over flow and high pressure in pumping systems. It controls upstream and downstream pressure continuously and keeps them within constant values.

1-3- way selector valve
2-In-line Finger Filter
1a-Plastic Pressure Sustaining Pilot
1b-Plastic Pressure Reducing Pilot

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