Model 37 Vacuum Switch

  • Vacuum Switch ≤ 250V
  • NO or NC Contacts
  • -200 / -900 mbar adjustment range
  • Over-pressures up to 35 bar
  • Max working pressures up to 25 bar
  • 1/4” BSP thread (others available)
  • NBR seal or CR seal
  • ATEX option available
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The Model 37 Vacuum Switch is a diaphragm vacuum switch with a choice of normally open or normally closed contacts. It can be used for adjustable switching pressure ranges from -200 to -900 mbar, and has a max working pressure of 10 bar. It also has an overpressure limit of 15 bar and a max switching voltage of 250 volts. The product is made with a brass body and nitrile diaphragm as standard, and can operate at temperatures between -15°C and 100°C.

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