AT 100 A - Multi-application Level Control Relay

AT 100 A - Multi-application Level Control Relay

  • Supply voltage: 220 V
  • Sensitivity: Average of 0 to 10 KOhm
  • Operating temperature: - 10 à + 55°C
  • Number of probes max.: 7 Response time: 100 ms
  • Electrical charge on contacts:  5A-240 V
  • Power consumption:   10 VA
  • Probe voltages: 24 VA
  • Probe weight: 45 g
  • Dimenssion:72 x 90 X 60 mm
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The AT 100A level control relay, like all the ATMI level control relay series, is used to maintain the liquid within the limits set between a maximum level and a minimum level, also ensuring the protection of submerged pumps against dry running.

However, this level control relay opens new perspectives of applications in that it is one of the rare devices able to manage two different levels in two different tanks

This liquid level regulator also offers the possibility of activating or deactivating the following functions via dip-switch:

ON-OFF probe

Differential Probe (Difference of level between two probes)

HIGH and LOW alarm function

Its sensitivity is greater than the range of normal sensitivity control relays. The AT 100 level probe can be used in a very wide range of applications.


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