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Product Type: Level Meter
Vendor: Dinel


Capacitive level meters CLM-70 are compact measuring devices consisting of the level meter body and a measuring electrode. The level meter body contains measurement electronics and a display module. The electronics measure the electrical capacity of the electrode system, which depends on the level height. The level meter’s electrical output corresponds to the capacity (level height) and the measured data are shown on the meter’s display.

The level meter can be adjusted by means of a display and adjustment module positioned at the top of sensor under the transparent lid. The level meter has a 4–20 mA current output with HART® communication. The level meter is fed by means of a cable connected to the terminal block located under the display and adjustment module. Level meters are available in several sensing electrode modifications (rod and rope-type electrodes).

Electrodes may be coated with insulation, which is important for their functioning in the case of adherent, electrically conductive and aggressive media. Rod electrodes are also available in a version provided with a reference tube or a pair of parallel electrodes for measuring liquids in non-conductive tanks. 

Technical Datasheet


Technical DatasheetCLM-70 Level Meter