Revolutionising Precision: The ProPulse®2 Flow Meter Sensor

Revolutionising Precision: The ProPulse®2 Flow Meter Sensor

by Pressure Vacuum Level Limited on April 05, 2024 Categories: Blog

Achieving precise control over fluid flow, especially in applications like chemical dosing, is critical in chemical processing and management. Traditional flow measurement devices often fall short, mainly when dealing with pulsing flows or very low flow rates, not to mention the challenges posed by the corrosive nature of chemicals. The ProPulse®2 Flow Meter Sensor emerges as a beacon of innovation. It's meticulously designed to address these challenges head-on, ensuring accuracy, durability, and compatibility with various chemical dosing pumps.

Precision Engineered for Excellence

The ProPulse®2 stands out with its ability to accurately measure flow rates, especially in applications characterised by pulsing or exceedingly low flow rates. This precision is crucial for chemical dosing applications, where the exact amount of chemical injection determines the process's efficiency and safety. Traditional flow meters often struggle to provide accurate readings under such conditions, leading to potential overdosing or underdosing, which can have significant repercussions on process outcomes and safety.

Constructed from high-grade thermoplastic materials such as PVC, PVDF, and PFA, the ProPulse®2 is not just another flow meter; it is a testament to thoughtful engineering. Additionally, it's designed to offer exceptional chemical resistance. These materials ensure the flow meter can withstand aggressive chemicals without compromising its integrity or performance, a common issue with metal-based or lesser-quality plastic meters.

The ProPulse2 Advantage

The ProPulse®2 Flow Meter Sensor exceeds these challenges by offering a solution that is both easy to integrate and maintain. Its design consideration for chemical resistance and low flow precision makes it inherently suited for the rigours of chemical dosing applications. The non-intrusive nature of the installation means less downtime and a lower risk of exposure to hazardous chemicals for personnel.

Additionally, the durability of the thermoplastic materials ensures that the ProPulse®2 can endure the harsh conditions of chemical processing environments without degradation. This longevity and reliability translate to reduced maintenance costs and fewer interruptions to operations, enhancing overall process efficiency.

Elevating Chemical Dosing to New Heights

The ProPulse2 Flow Meter Sensor is not just a tool; it's a pivotal component that can significantly elevate the precision and safety of chemical dosing operations. Its design and material composition address the core challenges faced in chemical processing, offering a practical and forward-thinking solution.

For industries reliant on accurate chemical dosing, embracing the ProPulse®2 means investing in a future where precision, safety, and efficiency are not just goals but realities. Its ability to deliver accurate measurements, even in the most challenging conditions, makes it an invaluable asset in the search for operational excellence.

Chemical Resistance Meets Innovative Design

Constructed from PVC, PVDF, and PFA, the ProPulse2 is built to withstand the corrosive nature of the chemicals it measures. This durability ensures a long service life and consistent performance, free from the degradation that plagues lesser materials. The selection of thermoplastic materials enhances chemical resistance and offers a lightweight and versatile solution adaptable to various installation environments.

The significance of having a flow meter capable of enduring the substances it encounters cannot be overstated. Chemical resistance is not merely a feature but a necessity, ensuring that the ProPulse2 remains a reliable component of the dosing process.

Union Design and Versatile Outputs

One of ProPulse2's standout features is its union design. This innovative aspect enables easy installation and maintenance, allowing for quick integration into existing systems without the need for complex retrofitting. The union design's convenience significantly reduces downtime and simplifies the process of flow meter removal for maintenance or calibration.

Moreover, the ProPulse®2 is equipped with versatile outputs, including relay, 4-20mA, and RS-485. These options provide flexibility in how the device communicates with other components of the dosing system, ensuring compatibility and seamless integration. The 4-20mA output, in particular, is invaluable for continuous monitoring and control, offering real-time data that can be used to adjust dosing rates dynamically. The relay output can serve as an alert mechanism for conditions outside predetermined thresholds. In contrast, the RS-485 output facilitates digital communication over longer distances, making it ideal for large-scale industrial environments.


The ProPulse®2 Flow Meter Sensor is a testament to chemical dosing measurement innovation. Its precision in measuring pulsing and very low flows, combined with exceptional chemical resistance and the practicality of its union design, sets it apart from standard flow meters. Including versatile outputs further enhances its applicability, making it a comprehensive solution for various chemical dosing applications. For industries seeking to optimise their chemical dosing processes, the ProPulse2 offers an unmatched combination of accuracy, durability, and flexibility.

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