Advanced Turbidity Measurement Solutions for the Food and Beverage Industry

Advanced Turbidity Measurement Solutions for the Food and Beverage Industry

by Pressure Vacuum Level Limited on January 15, 2024 Categories: Blog

Dairies and breweries are pioneering innovative turbidity measurement techniques to achieve quality assurance, cost optimisation, and resource conservation objectives. The focus is mainly on mediums with medium to high turbidity, such as milk, cream, whey, and yeast in breweries, where the backscatter principle emerges as a reliable and cost-effective measurement method. Utilising a near-infrared range (NIR) light source helps eliminate colour effects during measurement.

What is the Backscatter Method?

In the backscatter method, the intensity of light reflected from the medium is measured, ensuring accuracy in turbidity values. In contrast, low to medium turbidities use transmitted sensors based on absorption measurement. The industry is transitioning to optical measurement technology from traditional methods, like sight glasses and time-controlled processes. This shift aims to minimise system downtimes, reduce water consumption, and manage wastewater effectively.

How Does Optical Measurement Technology Help?

Optical measurement technology addresses challenges posed by traditional methods. The continuous evolution of processes demands measuring instruments with increased accuracy, reproducibility, and minimal interference factors. Turbidity measurement devices must facilitate easy insertion into pipes, maintain hygienic connections, and allow thorough cleaning and sterilisation using CIP/SIP processes.

New Development

Seli GmbH and Exner have collaboratively developed a backscatter sensor with NIR technology called the EXspect 271, overcoming the limitations of existing systems. The sensor utilises a long-lasting NIR LED and a patented ball lens for colour-neutral measurement at the medium interface. This ensures high accuracy and reproducibility, even at high turbidity levels. This innovative design minimises turbulence and prevents air bubble interference, offering a reliable solution for the food and beverage industry.


The backscatter sensor's applications extend to various processes, including separator control, tank and pipe flushing, filter break detection, and phase separation monitoring. Adopting advanced turbidity measurement technology optimises costs and processes and contributes to resource conservation, visible through reduced wastewater costs, lower freshwater consumption, and increased product yields.

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