Quicky Pro Tape Measure
Quicky Pro Tape Measure
Quicky Pro Tape Measure
Quicky Pro Tape Measure
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Quicky Pro Tape Measure

  • Rust-free, refined steel tape
  • Totally water-proof break-proof
  • Accuracy according to EC class
  • Extremely compact, light and handy
  • Ideal for drawing continuous lines    
  • The tape lies flatly on the table
  • The first of its kind anywhere in the world
  • Made in Germany!

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The revolutionary BMImeter 3m is an incredible, brand new, innovative multi-purpose measurement tool from the hugely respected German tool manufacturer BMI. Famed for their reliability, precision, and durability, BMI has been producing precision measurement tools for over 60 years.

Unique in the marketplace, the BMImeter is unlike any other tape measure worldwide - it's both a measuring tape and a rule in one. Whilst a conventional tape measure has a curved blade that can't easily be used to mark (without being bent), the BMImeter's blade bends the other way making it easy to lay flat on a workbench or piece of timber, making marking materials a breeze.

By removing the blade from the case, the user has got an instant 3mruler which can be used to measure, mark, draw perfectly straight lines and so on.

The blade/rule itself is made from high-quality, refined steel that, unlike any other brand of the pocket tape measure in the UK, is white-coated with EC Class II accurate, crisp black and red markings for added contrast. The tape is treated so that it rolls out on its own, stopped easily by the red 'tape stopper' lever inside the blade reel (see images).

The blade is also completely rust-free and waterproof thanks to a special coating applied during manufacturing. The lightweight, compact case is made from an advanced, break-resistant polymer that is kept safe and secure thanks to the 'belt hanger' that comes with your tape.

  • Brand: BMI
  • Accuracy: EC Class 2 / Class II
  • Length (m): 3
  • Metric Measurements: Yes
  • Imperial Measurements: Yes
  • Blade Diameter (mm): 16
  • Blade Material: Steel (rust-free)
  • Case Material: ABS impact resistant plastic
  • Hook Type: N/A
  • No. of Rivets: N/A
  • Standout (m): 1m
  • Range (m): N/A
  • Weight (kg): 0.1000


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