LP471UVBC – UV-BC Irradiance Probe
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LP471UVBC – UV-BC Irradiance Probe

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LP471UVBC is a radiometric probe for measuring irradiance (W/m²) in the 210…355 nm spectral range with peak at 265 nm. It is equipped with a connector with SICRAM module and a 2 m cable

The probe consists of a photodiode with an appropriate filter and is provided with a diffuser for correct measurement according to the cosine law. It is typically used in the verification of germicidal lamps used in sterilization systems working with LEDs as UV light sources.

The probe is available as well already combined in ready to use kits. Dependig on your needs, you can choose a basic one composed by the probe and our HD2102.2 portable luxmeter datalogger (UVBC-CK01-ACC).

For both solutions, the correctness of your measurements are also assured by the ISO 17025 Calibration Certificate issued in our own accredited Photo-radiometry laboratory.

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