LP471BLUE – Effective Irradiance Radiometric Probe
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LP471BLUE – Effective Irradiance Radiometric Probe

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The radiometric probe LP471BLUE measures the IRRADIANCE (W/m2) in the spectral range of Blue light.

The probe consists of a photodiode with an appropriate filter and is provided with a diffuser for correct measurement according to the cosine law.

Measurement range: 1 mW/m² … 2000 W/m². Cable length 2 m.

The spectral response curve of the probe allows to measure the effective irradiance for blue light hazard (curve B (λ) according to the standards ACGIH / ICNIRP) in the spectral range from 380nm to 550nm. Optical radiations in this range can produce photochemical retinal injury. Another field of application is the monitoring of the blue light irradiance in the treatment of neonatal jaundice.

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