LP471A-Uveff – Total Effective Irradiance Probe
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LP471A-Uveff – Total Effective Irradiance Probe

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The combined probe LP471A-UVeff measures the Total Effective Irradiance (W/m²) weighted according to the UV action curve (CEI EN 60335-2-27).

The probe is made of two sensors, the signals of the sensors are combined and weighted to obtain an accurate spectral response. The two probes are equipped with a diffuser for the correct measure according to the cosine law.

The probe provides the following data:

  • Total Effective Irradiance (Eeff) – Measuring range: 0.01 W/m²…20 W/m².
  • Effective Irradiance in the range UV-CB – Measuring range: 0.01 W/m²…20 W/m²
  • Irradiance in the UVA spectrum – Measuring range: 0.1 W/m²…2000 W/m²

When used for the control of cosmetic tanning systems, with the LP471A-UVeff it is easy to determine the exposure time for the first session (set to 100J/m² effective) and the total time per year (maximum dose limit established is 15kJ/m² per year). Alternatively you can calculate the dose received per session. You can also check the status of lamps aging by regularly measuring the solarium emission.

Supplied with SICRAM module and 2 m cable.

The probe works with the instruments: HD2102.2 (from rev. 21).

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