HD9908T… Series – Barometric Transmitter with Display
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HD9908T… Series – Barometric Transmitter with Display

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HD9908TBARO are analog output electronic barometers. They use a piezoresistive sensor element which gives extremely accurate and stable measurement of the atmospheric pressure and assures excellent repeatability, low hysteresis and very good temperature stability.
The output signal of the sensor is conditioned to provide a voltage or a current output linearly proportional to the barometric pressure. The transmitters are ready as they have been calibrated at the factory. A zero adjustments potentiometer is available for offset to station elevation.

HD9908TBARO, unlike the other models, is equipped with a display showing the pressure measurements, an analog output 0÷20 mA, 4÷20 mA, 0÷1 V and 0÷5 V (0÷10 V on request) configurable by the customer and with an ON/OFF relay output with programmable alarm threshold.
HD9908TBARO requires a 24 Vac (or 220 Vac on request) power supply.

HD9908TBARO are low cost and excellent performance solutions for meteorological applications, environmental monitoring systems, metrological and environmental data logging, altitude applications, barometric pressure compensation in the performance of internal combustion engine, cleanroom barometric pressure compensation, testing of vehicle emissions.

In all models the sensor electronics are housed in a sturdy housing with IP67 protection. By opening it, the lid holes are available that allow you to secure the base of the transmitter directly to a panel or a wall. The measurement accuracy is independent of the position of the transmitter. However, it is advisable to mount the transmitter so that the sensor is facing down to reduce dust and dirt on the filter. If the installation is in an open environment is recommended to use a special static port to minimize errors caused by the wind flow on the input pressure.

Available types in these series:

800÷1100mbar digital barometric transmitter with LCD indication. Outputs: 0÷20mA, 4÷20mA, 0÷1Vdc, 0÷5Vdc. Working temperature range -20°C ÷ +60°C.

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