HD2164.0 – Pressure Micromanometer – Thermometer
Delta OHM

HD2164.0 – Pressure Micromanometer – Thermometer

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Portable pressure micromanometer thermometer with 2000 mbar built-in sensor. It measures absolute, relative and differential pressure, as well as temperature.

Pressure is measured using an internal module which is differential with respect to the atmosphere with fixed full scale. With the TP704 and TP705 series Delta OHM probes to perform the measurements.

The temperature is detected using immersion, penetration, contact or air probes, with SICRAM module or direct 4 wire probes. The sensor can be a Pt100, measuring range -200 °C…+650 °C. Temperature probes are equipped with SICRAM module and factory calibration data are stored inside.

The Max, Min and Avg function calculates the maximum, minimum or average values. The Peak function can be activated with external probes connected to the module PP471 and detects the presence of pressure peaks. Other functions include: the relative measurement REL, the HOLD function, and the automatic turning off.

Supplied with carrying case, 4 batteries. The SICRAM module PP471, pressure probes and temperature probes have to be ordered separately.

TP704 and TP705 series pressure probes and TP47… series temperature probes are suitable.

Available as well with datalogging function HD2164.2.

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