HD2050.40 – Passive Subwoofer
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HD2050.40 – Passive Subwoofer

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HD2050.40 passive subwoofer is designer to work in conjunction with HD2050 dodecahedron. The system composed of HD2050.40 subwoofer, HD2050 dodecahedron and HD2050.20 digital power amplifier, allows to meet measurement requirements in the highest acoustic insulation situations.
Acoustic testing laboratories, high performance acoustic materials manufacturers, acoustic engineers with specific measurement needs or in general where it is needed a lot of sound energy at low and high frequency, they will find in this system a complete and effective tool.


  • High performance materials Sound Insulation: a 130 dB SPL in the frequency range 45 Hz to 120 Hz allows the subwoofer HD2050.40, combined with HD2050 dodecahedron and HD2050.20 digital power amplifier, to excite rooms in order to measure extremely high insulations at lower frequencies. HD2050.40 is the correct solution for laboratories with measurement requirements up to date with the development of highperformance insulating materials in construction and shipbuilding fields
  • Large rooms architectural acoustics: HD2050.40 subwoofer integrates HD2050 dodecahedron in applications where reverberation time measurement of high-volume environments is needed. In such environments, often the sound power and frequency extension characteristics of dodecahedron loudspeaker, are not sufficiente to recreate a good diffuse sound field or even high sound pressure levels on the walls of large rooms. The measures in these sound field conditions can be unreliable, or heavily dependent on the need for a very low background noise. In these cases, HD2050.40 is the correct solution.

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