HD2050.20 – Power Amplifier/Noise Generator
Delta OHM

HD2050.20 – Power Amplifier/Noise Generator

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The HD2050.20 is a digital signal amplifier, designed to work with HD2050.30 sources to obtain from these maximum acoustic performances.

The HD2050.20 amplifier incorporates a white / pink noise generator and an auxiliary input to receive signals from other external devices.

Using supplied Podware software you can modify the EQ curve stored in the amplifier's DSP in order to tailor the frequency response of the system to specific measurement needs.

It's also possible to connect the HD2050.30 façade loudspeaker or the HD2050.40 sub-woofer (matched to the source HD2050) to HD2050.20 amplifier.

The system can be both AC and DC current supplied.

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