HD2021T Serie – Photometric Radiometric Transmitters
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HD2021T Serie – Photometric Radiometric Transmitters

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The serie HD2021T allows to convert photometric and radiometric quantities, such as illuminance (Lux) and irradiance (W/m²) in the UVA, UVB, UVC spectral regions and in the 400 … 1050nm band, into a 0 …10Vdc voltage signal. The series is suitable to be installed either indoor and outdoor.

Main applications for the serie:

  • Control of illuminance (HD2021T…) in offices, manufacturing plants and production areas, commercial sites, theatres, museums, sports facilities, roadway lighting, tunnels and nursery-gardening systems.
  • Control of solar radiation in the 400nm…1050nm spectral band (HD2021T1).
  • Control of the irradiance emitted by the tanning lamps in the UVA (HD2021T2) and UVB (HD2021T3) spectral regions, as well as control of the efficiency of filters in devices using high pressure lamps.
  • Control of the efficiency of the lamps used in sewage treatment plants, where UVC (HD2021T4) band irradiance has to be constantly monitored.

Available models: HD2021T for illuminance; HD2021T1 for measuring VIS-NIR irradiance; HD2021T2 for measuring UVA irradiance; HD2021T3 for measuring UVB irradiance; HD2021T4 for measuring UVC irradiance.

Amplified with output 4…20mA or 0….10 Vdc according to the choice.

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