HD2013-DB – Rain Indicator Data Logger
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HD2013-DB – Rain Indicator Data Logger

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HD2013-DB is a data logger that has been specifically developed to capture and store rainfall trends.

It works with a long life lithium battery (BAT-2013DB) that provides, together with the large memory, remarkable recording capacity without user intervention.

The backlit display shows in real time the rain quantity during various time intervals.

The instrument is perfectly waterproof thanks to the use of reed relays, instead of the common push-buttons.

The software HD32MTLogger supplied with the instrument allows setting of the parameters of the instrument, the real time display of the values captured by the data logger, the download to a PC and the process of the stored data.

The connection to the PC is made via the M12 8-pole RS232C serial connector placed at the bottom of the instrument. HD2013-DB can be connected to the most popular types of rain gauges with normally closed (NC) or normally open (NO) output contact.

Supplied with 4-pole and 8 pole M12 female connectors. The cables HD2110RS and CP25 for data download have to be ordered separately.

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