800 series  prd-proportional pressure reducing valve

800 Series  PRD-Proportional Pressure Reducing Valve

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Armaş “PRD” model proportional pressure reducing control valves reduce high upstream pressure values and downstream pressure values at a rate of 1/3. Proportional pressure reducing control valves reduces the downstream pressure at about 1/3 without affecting from flow rate and upstream pressure values. When there is no flow in the system, valve closes itself drip-tight. Proportional pressure reducing control valves do not equalize the upstream pressure value to the downstream pressure value. The valves should be placed in series in the pipeline, otherwise the system will not be balanced.

The valve will be diaphragm actuated disc closing automatic hydraulic control valve which works with line pressure. Double-chamber diaphragm actuator provides quicker and non-impact opening/ closing thanks to disc-closing valve design and prevents blockage by showing less sensitivity against solid substances within fluid.

Valve size same as main line or one size smaller. Maximum flow speed for continuous operation 5.5 m/sec (18 ft/sec)

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