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Low strength, permanently elastic pipe and thread sealing for cold and warm water-carrying plastic and metal pipes. It is suitable for sealings in sensitive areas, such as the food industry or drinking water areas.

WEICONLOCK SI 303-31 is an acetate-curing 1-component silicone sealant with a good chemical resistance against diluted acids and lyes. The sealant is suitable for plastic threads and plastic / metal combinations and has a high notch and tear strength. SI 303-31 has a very good weathering, ageing and UV radiation resistance.

The sealant is suitable for many industrial areas, like the food industry, e.g. in dairies and slaughterhouses, in beverage and food production, in canteen kitchens and many more.

SI 303-31 can be used for sealings on ceramic surfaces in drinking water areas and for sealing plastic thread connections of cold and warm water-carrying plastic pipes.

Approval for contact with drinking water according to KTW Guideline of the Federal Environmental Agency.

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