Martens have the right technology for the task to monitor, manage, and regulate operations. At Martens Center of Competence in Barsbüttel, near Hamburg, they develop and produce tough and durable components for demanding process and industrial technologies.

In this regard, the quality mark "Made in Germany" denotes the high quality of our technical solutions and the company's inventiveness. There's a reason why the delivery and production programme includes digital indicators, measuring transducers, evaluating devices, and sensors - the whole range of contemporary analytical and industrial measuring technology.

Martens address customer-specific requirements with carefully tailored equipment. The versatility of their products is visible in a broad range of applications: From building technology and plant engineering to the food industry, their devices measure, monitor, and control a wide variety of technical processes.

Almost every physical variable can be measured, recorded, and analysed. Quality is a fundamental characteristic of PVL. We believe care to be the most important aspect when sourcing products for our customers, which is why we work with Martens.