Easy-Mix S 50 Yellow

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WEICON Easy-Mix S 50 yellow is a highly reactive casting compound, which can also be used as an adhesive due to its high adhesive strength and fast cure. The epoxy resin system is viscous, self-levelling and cures fast and with high impact resistance. The casting compound shows high adhesive strength and a short pot life of 4-5 minutes. The compound adheres well to many different surfaces, such as metal, plastics, fibreglass-reinforced plastics, wood, glass, ceramic and stone.

The casting compound can be used in electrical engineering for protecting electronic components, semiconductors and building components. It protects components against moisture, dust and dirt as well as mechanical stresses.

Easy-Mix S 50 yellow is suitable for applications in many different areas, such as grouting works in electrical engineering and the electronics industry, for casting cable connections, for applications in the insulating technology, in metal construction, in tank and apparatus construction, in fittings and in ventilating and air-conditioning systems.

Due to its distinctive yellow colour, Easy-Mix S 50 yellow facilitates visual control. The casting compound is processed with the user-friendly Easy-Mix system.

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