The World’s First IIoT Pressure Gauge

The World’s First IIoT Pressure Gauge

by Pressure Vacuum Level Limited on May 24, 2022 Categories: Press Releases

We are pleased to announce the launch of the Ogauge, the World’s first IIoT pressure gauge from Orion Instruments. Ogauge is a ground-breaking device that combines several instrumentation functions in a single device - an IIoT pressure gauge, switch, transmitter, and data logger.

The Industrial Internet of Things uses intelligent sensors and actuators to enhance manufacturing and industrial processes, increasing productivity and reducing downtime. The Ogauge is an ideal component for IIoT and I4.0 systems.

Featuring an integrated pressure measurement cell, a full coloured OLED display and four switching outputs, the Ogauge offers users all the advantages of a modern electronic pressure switch, gauge and a transmitter. The four switching points and switch-back points can be adjusted very simply and independently of one another using the onboard capacitive touch keypad.

The Ogauge’s integrated IIoT wireless connectivity provides programming through a mobile app (Android/iOS) and a secure cloud-based dashboard that can be used to access multiple Ogauges.

Key features of the Ogauge include

  • IIoT capability 2 configurable analogue output signals
  • Four independently configurable relays rated at 5A, 250VAC
  • Simple operation via key programming (via mobile app)
  • IP66 protection
  • Integrated pressure sensor with stainless steel membrane
  • It can be paired to mobile via an app to check live pressures.

Accuracy of 0.25% is standard (finer accuracies are available) and can be set to display values in any unit of measurement such as kN, kg, psi, full colour OLED informative alpha numeric with full LED display bar graph, and a single Ogauge can be used as a pressure gauge or a force gauge or a level gauge.

Three modes of operation are available:

1. Pressure Gauges:

Ogauges are accurate enough for most applications. Applications for plain pressure gauges include test gauges for leakage testing or monitoring pump discharge pressure. With level mode, they can be used to measure the volume of liquid in a tank or its mass or capacity. With Force mode, it can be used to measure the force generated by hydraulic cylinders to be applied on the platen.

2. ΔP Delta-P differential pressure Gauges:

In many applications, it is important to measure and display the upstream and downstream pressure and the differential pressure. Planar differential gauges provide these functions. All the subsequent logic can be built on the differential pressure, and the four inbuilt solid-state relays rated can be configured for triggering subsequent elements in the logic. They also can be easily mounted on a standard manifold valve vertically.

3. ΔP Delta-P differential pressure Gauges:

Differential pressure gauges are typically used for flow monitoring or checking the health of a filter and monitoring level in closed or open tanks. Ogauges can be effectively used to trigger subsequent actions as they incorporate four independently configurable relays. Different colours used in the display sectors help in configuring the visual presentation on the gauge of the status of a filter. Two independent configurable analogue outputs can be wired into the distribution control system (DCS) or programmable logic controller (PLC) for various functions to be performed or logic to be programmed.

Steve Moorey, Managing Director of PVL, says, “the Ogauge is a game-changing multi-purpose and multi-function IIoT connected device for measuring pressure and much more. Local and remote monitoring is ideal for integration into existing and new Industry 4.0 systems.”

*Please note that the Ogauge is not yet available for ordering, and the final version will be released soon.