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Are you over-paying for essential components?

by Pressure Vacuum Level Limited on October 22, 2020 Categories: Blog

As businesses begin to reopen after the extended lockdown period, cashflow will be key to survival for many. PVL managing director Steve Moorey is concerned that companies could be massively over-paying for key components, putting themselves at a disadvantage against their competitors as well as putting their very future at risk. 

“The humble pressure switch is a perfect example,” he says. “It’s an established technology with a design that is effectively standardised across numerous manufacturers, with each offering drop-in replacements for the others’ products. And yet one brand can be priced two- to three-times higher than an equivalent product from another.” 

Moorey does not suggest for a moment that companies should be straight on the phone to China for the lowest-priced copy, but he does argue that the performance and mechanical specifications of pressure switches among the leading brands are identical. “Businesses could be saving significant sums of money by shopping around,” he says. 

PVL sells huge quantities of pressure switches every year, and is the sole UK representative for the Euroswitch range of products, which also includes level sensors and temperature sensors. These are priced from PVL at a fraction of the cost of competing brands, but Moorey also is keen to point out that this financial advantage doesn’t come at the expense of engineering support. 

“The PVL sales team are all engineers with decades of experience between them, and can answer just about any technical question that customers throw at them,” he says. “And if a highly specialised application query is outside of their expertise, we have a direct line through to the manufacturer and can have an answer within hours. We know of many cases where customers have raised queries with other suppliers, and have not received answers for days, if at all.” 

Over the past 30 years PVL has grown into the premier UK distributor for major manufacturers worldwide of pressure switches, vacuum switches, flow switches, level switches, level sensors, pressure transducers, pressure gauges, flow meters, float valves, level sensors, temperature switches and handheld instruments. The company also offers a full range of ATEX products. 

“The importance of such products across a whole range of industries cannot be overstated,” Moorey concludes. “As we look to get industry moving so that the economy can begin to recover after the pandemic, businesses need every advantage they can get. And PVL is here to help.” 

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