EMCO Controls was established in 1966 and has long been recognised as a manufacturer of process control equipment, including flow monitoring core components.

EMCO instruments are built in compliance with globally recognised standards such as EN, ISO, DIN, and ASME. EMCO Controls is a Danish instrumentation company headquartered in Denmark. EMCO headquarters in Hillerd, near Copenhagen, manage both domestic and international sales and manufacturing.

EMCO employ skilled individuals with years of experience in the manufacture of mechanical equipment. The most current version of Autodesk Inventor, which incorporates 3D solid modelling and computer programmes developed by EMCO engineers, aids their job.

EMCO instruments are manufactured following the EU Pressure Equipment Directive (PED) 97/23 EC. EMCO also maintains traceable material certificates in compliance with EN 10204 - 3.1 on hand. EMCO Controls CNC turning and milling machines include CAM capabilities. Weldings are carried out according to EN 288 or ASME IX authorised WPAR standards (Welding Procedure Approval Record). EMCO welders have been certified in line with EN 287 and ASME IX standards.

To meet customers' requirements, EMCO Controls are always trying to provide high-quality sensors with design innovation.