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Sku: ProScan Radar Level Sensor
Product Type: Sensor
Vendor: Icon Process Controls


The ProScan Radar Level Sensor measures the liquid level inside a tank or sump by using a completely PTFE Teflon antenna or horn that sends and receives low energy radar pulses. The sensor is mounted to the top of the tank and the pulsed signal is reflected off the liquid surface, the echo (returned signal) is then picked up or received by the transmitters antenna. The time it takes is compared to known laws of physics (speed of light), once this is done the distance can be determined, and very accurately measured.

The ProScan radar level transmitterdoes not contact the process liquid and therefore is an excellent choice for applications that may be corrosive, coating, dirty, or crystallizing. The are temperature compensated over the entire range (-40-260°F) and can be used to measure liquid under pressure or in a vacuum. The ProScan Series is both reliable and accurate; there is no requirement for re-calibration, and virtually zero maintenance as there are no moving parts.

The ProScan utilizes a special microprocessor technology and mapping software that allows it to be used where other non-contact level sensing products fail or go lost i.e. Ultrasonics on Foam, Vapor, Condensate or Turbulence.

Technical Datasheet


Technical DatasheetTechnical Datasheet