ld/le series  disc/screen filter-angle type

LD/LE Series  Disc/Screen Filter-Angle Type

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Armaş D-3000 series disc filters are designed to ensure deep filtration as a consequence of one-on-one order of many disc sheets manufactured from nylon reinforced polypropylene material on a filter body. Having a simpler design Relative to different filter groups, Armaş 3000 series screen filters are really successful in filtration of water well and water resources containing sand. Armaş 3000 series screen filters are manufactured in two body form including angle and horizontal type for meeting needs of different application.

- It provides ease of use and of maintenance due to simple structure.
- Pre-painting phosphorization is performed for maximum resistance against corrosion. 
- It has long economic life based on Epoxy – Polyester coating.
- It performs filtration process with minimum pressure loss occurs.
- It can be used in wide range of applications due to varying filtration rates and degrees. 
- It has long economic life due to nylon polypropylene discs 
- It may be used in single or modular form in the application fields.
- It ensures easy assembly to systems with angle and horizontal type models.

- Filtration of well water 
- Filtration of water containing sand, gravel or particles heavier than water 
- Filtration of river, lake and reserve water 
- Preliminary filtration of ultra-filtration systems
- Downwards the hydrocyclone and gravel filter systems
- Agricultural drip and micro-irrigation systems
- For recreational irrigation system practices
- Downwards the fertilization system

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